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An interview with Nate Sustick

We had a chance to sit down with head chef and general manager Nate Sustick to talk about his parent's story, the evolution of the restaurant, and the exciting new menu additions (rhubarb and fresh berry cocktails, anyone?).

Could you give us a little history about Paul & Elizabeth’s?

Sure! So my parents, Paul and Elizabeth, met at Seventh Inn’s cooking school in Boston in the early ‘70s, and that was around the time when Brink, Gordon, and family were in the process of purchasing Thornes. They really wanted a restaurant in the building, and though my parents didn’t know much about restaurants, they came out here to check it out and then decided to go for it.  They couldn't figure out what to name it, and one day Brink put up a sign saying, “Paul & Elizabeth’s coming soon” and they went with it. The restaurant has had its ups and downs over the years, going from more macrobiotic focused in the beginning to changing with the times and different trends over the years.

But no matter what the menu, we’ve always strived—and will continue to do so—for consistency. From our ingredients to our best-loved dishes to our hospitality, we aim to make dining with us an experience that is both memorable and comforting for people. Whether it’s a regular customer or someone new from out of town, we want to make sure they feel happy, nourished, and cared for while they are here. My parents have always valued people and stayed true to their roots, and I want to continue to do the same, along with my team.

We’ve had many people who have worked with us for years, and now their kids are working with us as well. It’s so important to me that everyone on our team feels supported, taken care of, and like they have a voice. Going through the pandemic together just highlighted the importance of sticking together and having open communication. Running a restaurant is challenging at any time, but at the end of the day, it’s all about the experience—from when you walk in the door to when you leave. We feel so fortunate to have a great team and great customers who keep coming back to see us.

What is your favorite thing about owning a business in Thornes? And the Valley?

I love being in this Valley.  From produce to dairy to seafood, we get to work with and source ingredients from some incredible local farmers and distributors. We all have the same expectations when it comes to quality, and that’s just incredibly special and important.

Being in this building is awesome. The owners are very supportive and really are fans of all of the business owners. They have continued to make sure the building is vibrant and welcoming, while keeping the beautiful old charm it has always had. You don’t see many places like this anymore; it’s a great little community here.

What is something exciting/new you have coming up on the menu, whether for a cocktail or new food item?

I’m really excited about our cocktails coming along! It’s been a slow process, but it’s very fun and creative. It’s taken some time to figure out how to incorporate them into our menu and make people aware of what we’re trying to do. It’s definitely a fun new element for the restaurant that we’ve never had before, and we get to experiment with things like rhubarb and fresh raspberries for syrups. We haven’t really promoted the cocktail menu yet, but we’re getting there. Also, fresh, local asparagus at this time of the year is always incredible.

We’re just kind of waiting for everything to start popping up, and we’re looking forward to some amazing produce.

And lastly, where did that stained glass come from?

I believe that was gifted to us at some point. My parents aren’t entirely certain, either—it could have come from a store that used to have it.