Gift Cards

The Northampton Gift Card is honored at more than 60 Northampton shops and restaurants including almost all of Thornes current merchants.  Northampton Gift Cards can be purchased on the second floor of Thornes via a self-service kiosk near the photo booth.  Gift Cards can also be purchased on-line or by phone.  To learn more about purchasing a Northampton Gift Card including a list of participating shops and restaurants click here.  Questions regarding the Gift Card can be sent to:



An ATM machine is available at our Main Street entrance courtesy of Florence Savings Bank. It is available 24 / 7 via the Main Street entrance.


FedEx & UPS Drop Boxes

Fed Ex and UPS Drop Boxes are located on the Main Stair landing between Lower Level 1 and Level 1. Fed Ex pick ups are made daily at 5:45 PM, Monday - Friday except holidays. UPS pick ups are made daily at 5:30 PM, Monday - Friday except holidays.


Management Offices

The Management Office is located on Level 3 of Thornes Marketplace. Our office hours are 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Phone: 413-584-5582. Email:



Public Restrooms are located outside Herrell's Ice Cream on Lower Level 1. A Men's Restroom is located on Level 1 behind Rao's Cafe. A Women's Restroom is located on Level 2 behind Noteworthy. A Handicapped-only Restroom is located on Level 3. A key to this bathroom may be obtained at the Management Office on Level 3. Restrooms are open to the public during Thornes business hours.