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Tuesday, April 28 1:30 pm to Tuesday, November 10 6:30 pm
Tuesday Farmers Market

Oddball Farmers,

Free-Range Children,

Hardworking Musicians, and,

Always, Fresh, Wholesome, Delicious, Beautiful Food -

1:30 to 6:30 pm every Tuesday


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Plaza Behind Thornes
Thursday, June 18 to Saturday, October 31
The Blue Marble to Join Thornes in October

We are pleased to announce that The Blue Marble will be joining Thornes Marketplace this fall. 

The Blue Marble is currently located in Amherst where it has been in business for 8 years.

Selling American-made, fairly traded and ethically sourced handcrafted jewelry and goods, The Blue Marble has grown a strong following in the area.   

Cathie Walz, the store’s owner, is excited about the opportunity to open a second store in Northampton and we are excited to have her. 



Level 2
Tuesday, September 1 to Saturday, October 31
MyChelle Sale

We're offering 20% off MyChelle Dermaceuticals through October 31st! Discover for yourself why this line is a staff favorite!

Lower Level 1 • Cornucopia
Friday, September 25 to Thursday, December 31
Cedar Chest's New Second Floor is Now Open

Cedar Chest has made BIG changes!

Have you seen the new second floor?

It’s twice as big and twice as bright as you remember it.

That means more for your home, more for your body and more for your heart, including Noteworthy!

Now you can get your specialty stationary and greeting cards without ever leaving Cedar Chest!

Come explore!

Level 2 • Cedar Chest
Friday, October 9 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Arts Night Out @ Thornes

Nature’s Ultimate Gift: Wildlife photography from around the globe by Steve Upton

Whether I have been photographing a majestic lion in Kenya, an Adélie penguin in Antarctica, or a massive grizzly bear in Alaska, I am always overwhelmed by the concern that these or similar experiences may not be available to my grandchildren during their lifetimes. The pressure of human endeavor continues to encroach upon wildlife habitat worldwide; I strive to help share the beauty and grace which animals add to our existence. It may be one of the only effective ways to encourage humankind to join together to better-protect what remains, and turn around the march of some species toward extinction. Please, come see nature - as we still can today - through my lens.


Food by Paul & Elizabeth's and Cookie.Works

Level 2
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